What if something happens and I have to return to Ireland during the course?

In the unfortunate event of somebody having to return home during the course of the programme every effort will be made to get students on the next available flight. Every situation will be handled sensitively on a case by case basis.

What number do I ring in case of an emergency?

In case of an emergency contact either +353 (0)83 808 4397 OR +34 693 509 062.

What if I have a problem and I need to speak with someone in Spain?

A representative from CSS will be available 24/7 for any eventuality in Spain.

What happens if I lose my Móbilis metro card?

Students must pay for the replacement of the lost card at a cost of €30.

How can I get around Valencia?

All students are provided with a Valencia Móbilis card on arrival. This entitles students to go on all public transport (Bus, Metro and Tram) for the duration of their stay.